Photo & Video Content

Cene provides consistent digital content every month, based on the varying needs of your business.
Photo & Video Content

Content Membership

As a Content Member, your business receives consistent marketing materials captured through photo and video.

Commit to Consistency

We provide you with the necessary digital assets for you to maintain consistency in your marketing efforts.

Learn Your brand

Through our continued partnership, we'll create recognizable content that resonates with your target market by developing your brand, style, and voice through photos and videos.

Tailored to your Goals

We'll cap every month with a planning session where we'll discuss goals for the next month. This is where the team plans production days that pair with your business activities and events.

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How The Membership Works

The Monthly Process

Each month, the Cene Team will work with you to capture, create, develop, and deliver relevant content to you for the support of your business marketing.

Manage Your Content

Collaborative Workspace

Work with the Cene team through an integrated collab platform. Communications is endless and you can see the progress of your projects in real time. The space is purposed to be transparent and user friendly for the best experience with Cene possible.

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Photo Video Content + Social Media Management

Membership Plans

Monthly membership options based on your business needs. No initiation fee, no long term contracts, just great content delivered to your team.

Starter Kit

The ideal plan for those just laying the foundation.

  • 1 - Half day of production
  • 4 - Short Videos (<1 minute)
  • 25 - Edited Photos
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    Monthly Planning Workshop
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    Dedicated Collab Space
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    Delivery Via Google Drive

Growth Minded

Increase your digital quality with more content at your finger tips.

  • 2 - Half day of production
  • 8 - Short Videos
  • 50 - Edited Photos
  • Baseline Items +
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    Combine short videos to create longer videos.
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    Bi-Weekly content production.
Enough content to post daily

The Influencer

Structured for businesses that get high ROI from publishing high quality content consistently.

  • 3 - Half day of production
  • 12 - Short Videos
  • 100 - Edited Photos
  • Goal Getter Items +
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    Maximize Your Reach
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    Enough content to post daily.
Hey There 👋

Get in Touch.

We like to ask a few questions to help us get to know your business and figure out which of Cene's offerings are of interest.
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Membership At A Glance

What types of videos can we make?

Short Form videos are under 1 minute, Medium Format videos are under 3 minutes. These can include cinematic, talking head, drone, or timelapse footage.

What types of photos can we shoot?

Photos can be of recent projects, products, team members, job sites, office space, you name it, if it's around the Shoals area, we can shoot it.

How is social media management handled?

Cene provides our members with professional social media management. We create content with you, edit it, send it your way for approval then handle posting and user engagement.

What social platforms do you manage?

We can run your company account on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google. This can includes routine posting and can include active community engagement.

Can we combine videos to make a longer video?

Yes. For example three short videos can be swapped for one medium video.

How long does editing take?

Photos are delivered in 2-3 business days, short videos are delivered in 2-3 business days, medium videos are delivered in 3-5 business days and long videos are delivered in 4-6 business days.

Why is it limited to the Shoals Area?

Our team is based in Florence, AL. It's important to us that we are able to meet with your company in person for planning workshops and production days.

Where can photo/video content be shot?

We travel anywhere within a 30-mile radius of Florence, AL 35630. Additional miles traveled will be billed extra at 95 cents per mile.

Who creates our content?

All content is created by our in-house local team in Florence, Alabama.

How does the collaborative workspace work?

When setting up your membership, we invite your team members to our collab platform. This is where we communicate, brainstorm and share files. No need for long email threads.

How much of a time commitment is this?

Each plan includes a 1-3 hour monthly planning workshop. After that Starter Kit includes 3-5 hours of on-site production, Growth Minded includes 6-8 hours of on-site production and The Influencer includes 9-12 hours of on-site production.

Are there any long term contracts?

Nope. Your company is welcome to cancel at any time. You remain the owner of all past content created during your membership. Our goal is to create a healthy, long-term partnership that deeply understands your business and its goals.

Can a production day be on the weekend?

Cene is open Monday - Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, we do not schedule production days on the weekends. We take that time to recharge our batteries so that we're ready to go next week.

What time of day can a production day be?

Cene is open Monday - Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, we schedule production days during this time frame.

Who owns the media that is created?

The member owns the media. Cene will manage storage of the media. Cene is not responsible for the permanent storage of raw media. Raw files are kept temporarily on local storage. Final edits are kept in Google Drive for 30 days. If a member wishes to receives a copy of a raw file, Cene can upload that file to Google Drive.

Does unused deliverables and production time roll over?

Unused deliverables and production time do not roll over to the following month.

How many hours is a Half Day Production?

A half day production can be up to 3 hours of active on site shooting of content. This gives us time to account for prepping gear and travel.

Looking for a one time project?

(We do these too)
Check out our a-la-carte photo and video menu for additional items or if you are just in the market for a one time project.