"We believe that genuine photography is what takes your online presence to the highest level. Show people what your brand is all about."
Austin Burleson
Cene Founder
Associate Creative manning a camera, Cene Affiliate

The Consistent Content You Need

Monthly Photo Membership

Cene ensures your marketing team has the necessary content by delivering a consistent monthly stream of photo and video content to your business.

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Production + Deliverables

Photo Project Pricing

Cene set out to rethink the way video projects are handled. By following our brand values of clarity and organization, we were able to create a pricing model that can be tailored to any scope of work. Active graphic, web or content members get 15% off production and deliverables.


This is the time we are on-site capturing footage.

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    Quarter Day Production = $300
  • Half Day Production Icon Vector
    Half Day Production = $500
  • Full Day Production Icon Vector
    Full Day Production = $800
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    Travel Outside Florence, AL= Miles driven x .95



Multiple deliverables can be created from a single production day.

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    25+ Photos= $288
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    50+ Photos= $432
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    100+ Photos= $576
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    Raw Photo/Video Files = $399

Capturing the essence of your business through photography.


Your team is the backbone of your company. We capture their impactful work through photography, showcasing both business operations and the people who make it all happen.


Make a statement about the way you do business. Through our photography services, we capture your in-store or on-site experience, giving your customers a glimpse of what to expect.


Put the focus on your branding and showcase your products in their natural element. Our photography services capture products in the hands of their users, highlighting their features and benefits.

Canon Cameras & Lenses Full-Frame Mirrorless EOS RLogo for DJI technology that empowers us to see the future of possible. Learn about our consumer drones like DJI Mavic 3 Classic, DJI Mini 3 Pro, DJI Air 2S.lightroom icon, photography vector

Photography Menu


25+ photo aerial photos to showcase your space.

Business Website

50+ photos to use on your business website

Business Services

50+ photos to feature your business services.


50+ photos for to promote your product.

Social Media

25+ photos for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn & Google.


50+ photo to present your vehicles, parts or team.

Real Estate

Customized photo plans based on home square footage.


50+ photos to document your gathering.

Women's Chamber Event Lawrenceburg Tenneessee

"Austin and Katie were exactly what we needed!"

Google Review Rating
Keeli Allen
Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce
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